You were the first to respond. Your words were simple and direct but heartwarming to someone like me who had just come in out of the cold. I couldn’t explain it, but I was suddenly hooked. I came back, week after week looking for more. Over the years and across the miles no one had spoken so gently but left me feeling so secure. Shukran. I was warm and comfortable in this new little garden of mine even though, back in those days, everything felt strange everywhere else. Life seemed lost between two worlds.

I often thought of you as I sat in the courtyard. The first time you were away, and your words never came, I felt the void. It was surprising to me but that’s when I knew. Meshta’etlak. The water in the fountain sang the same song it always had but the tune was different. I splashed in it, like a child, and watched as the jubilant droplets formed endless ripples. I watched the ripples merge, separate into new ripples, and then merge again. This would be our story.

Paperless letters fluttered through my dreams. Penned opuses of love and life, addressed to you and to me. You extended your hand and we walked through the pages, admiring the verses, breathing the poetry. You carried me over the broken edges, the rough patches that needed mending. I caressed the songs in your soul. Whispered to them to join mine. It was those lyrics, words like black, silken ribbons of emotion, memory, and hope that fluttered, care-free in the breezes. Banners of our hearts. Pennants of devotion. Bhebak.

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About Mariyah

I am a Syrian who has left my homeland due to current events there. I now call Bolzano, in the Italian Alps, my home. I am documenting my thoughts and impressions here on this blog.

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  1. Your words took my words away and for a man like me I’m left gasping for a syllable or even a letter to breathe.
    As I have no way to do justice to your writing in general and to this post in particular I’m forced to leave my eloquence behind and say the first thing on my mind.
    What a lucky son of a bitch he is!
    Good luck Marroush and… I hope he’s worth it :-)

  2. Upward I looked, and the sad clouds dispersed, then I saw a glimpse of the sun I haven’t seen for a long while.
    What a beautiful morning.
    Thank you, Mariyah, for the beautiful words:-)

  3. That’s the magic of words that come wrapped in an envelope, handwritten, inspired by the caring love of someone who knows you that much and that cares that much that took the time and made a pause, grabbed a pen and immortalized beautiful words on a piece of water. Just for you.
    Never a tear will smudge an e-mail (José Saramago).

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